After 2 years of studying at the art school of Rostov-on-Don, her hometown, Olga Berkhman moved to Montreux in Switzerland where she continued her education in Fine Arts and Design at the Institute SurvalMont-Fleuri.

In 1999 she moved to Paris where she studied Interior Architecture and Product Design. After obtaining her diploma in 2002 from the ESAM Design School, she starts working for some of the most prestigious interior architecture agencies (AXL Paris, Bismut & Bismut, Inter Art Etudes …) before creating her own company in 2009.

Olga has coordinated numerous projects in France - where she has grown a solid Russophone customer base - as well as Russia. She has accumulated a significant amount of experience, whether it is developing luxury apartments or private homes, creating offices and headquarters, renovating 4 and 5 * hotels or designing luxury boutiques.

Her universe is very diverse, ranging between classical and revised contemporary styles, never minimalist and always with a sprinkle of Art Deco, as the 30’s, 40’s and even 50’s are the periods she is most inspired by.

For the execution of her projects, the Agence Olga Berkhman calls out to companies and Frenchcraftsmen with whom she has established a relationship of trust over many years. She knows she can count on their perfectionism and reliability.

“I like to mix up different styles in order to create truly unique interiors, designed to match as closely as possible to the temperament and tastes of each client. I favour noble materials and I am extremely attentive to the finishing details and refinement features. Not to mention the comfort … “